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Yoga for All Levels

Why I love it ...

I stepped into my first yoga class twenty years ago and felt like I had come home to my body. I remember what that first class was like -

"Am I doing this right?  This is awesome!  Wait, this is hard! Are we done yet?  How long IS final resting pose?!? ... "


And yet, I LOVED it because of how I felt after class.  I was calm, relaxed, and felt at peace. 


Since then, I have explored different styles and taken several trainings and workshops in Indiana and across the country.  While working in public libraries, staff members would ask about stretches to help them or even send patrons or vendors to ask me for a suggestion if they were feeling tension in their bodies. 


I have found that I have a soft spot for beginners. Probably because I still feel like (and am) an evolving student of the practice.  Yoga is constantly teaching me new lessons about my strength, limitations, mind, ego, and ability to simply be present in the moment.

All levels are welcome in any of my classes because yoga meets you where you are - today and in this moment without judgment.  Everyone should look different in a class, because we are all different.  My goal is for everyone to make the class healing for them. 

Even if that means just sitting and breathing deeply the entire time.  Really.  :)

  • Gentle/Beginner Yoga - poses are generally held for a few breaths each

  • Power Yoga - a flowing practice that encourages stepped outside of the ego to listen to the body

  • Restorative Yoga - props are used to allow the body to fully rest and relax

  • Chair Yoga - chairs are used for seated and standing poses, excellent for limited mobility or office practice

  • Kids Yoga - engaging and interactive stories are shared by using yoga poses and creativity

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