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Kids Yoga Adventures


As a public library director for over a decade, books are a natural part of my life.  While I loved offering chair yoga for seniors at the library, I had never thought to hold a kids yoga class. That is, until I left public libraries to teach yoga and mindfulness full time.  A class with kids sounded like a way to have fun and just be silly.  I had no idea just how fun it would be!


As I held kids yoga classes at yoga studios, in preschools, and at public libraries, I incorporated and promoted local library books in the classes and started creating my own "yoga adventures" for the kids.  What developed was a super engaging class where kids were encouraged to use their imaginations as we moved through a story.  

I created a mock-up book of my ocean adventure story to be able to read (and promote books) at local public libraries over the summer.  With the help of my incredibly talented friend and illustrator, Jeremy Vickneswaran, we have brought the stories to life in a series of kids yoga adventure books! 

You can schedule a 30-minute yoga adventure session for your group!  


Kids Yoga Adventure Books

Yoga Ocean Adventure

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 6.05.02 PM.png

An engaging way to introduce and teach yoga poses to kids. Using an ocean theme and colorful illustrations, each pose promotes mindful movement accompanied with bright and compelling images. Kids are encouraged to use their imagination to explore the ocean with yoga poses as a fun way to incorporate mindful movement into their day.

A certified yoga and meditation instructor, Heather Barron has been sharing the physical and mental benefits of yoga with both adults and children in various communities for years. In this adventure, readers use poses such as wide leg fold pose to imitate a jellyfish or alternating limb pose to swim through the ocean. Each pose is accompanied with clear and easy instructions that make Yoga Ocean Adventure both an educational and imaginative introduction into the world of yoga for kids.

Yoga Jungle Adventure

Coming Soon!

Copy of Yoga JUNGLE Adventure.png

Yoga Farm Adventure

Coming soon!

Yoga Woodland Adventure

Coming soon!


Schedule Your Kids Yoga Adventure!

I offer 30-minute interactive yoga sessions where we act out stories using

yoga poses and imagination to create an adventure with mindful movement.

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I have observed or participated in many yoga programs

and Heather's kids yoga program is the most engaging I've seen. 


~ Joe Fox, Children's Librarian at Peabody Public Library

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