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Independence, One Mindful Step at a Time (7/4/22)

There seems to be a connection to the theme of independence for me that I hadn't realized before, because it was this time last year that I made it official that I was leaving my career. While I had been semi-planning for this shift, it came suddenly when my board president stopped by my office and commented on the fact that I didn't seem like myself lately and that he hoped they didn't lose me.

That was it. With those words my whole body actually slumped under the heavy mental weight I had been carrying and I heard a voice say "Now. Just tell him now". So I got up, closed the door to my office, and I told him that I had to leave my position. As soon as I had the words out, that heaviness dissolved. I am so grateful that I listened to my body that day. I had been rationalizing myself out of the decision to leave for a long time and would have tried to continue to do so.

While the past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions, it is the best decision I could have made. The library world is wonderful and I am so thankful for the experiences, the people, and all that I learned. But after feeling like the odd duck for years in my own life, I feel like I am now finding more of my tribe...and peeling back even more layers to be (and be ok with) my true self. I have met wonderful new friends like you, I have had incredible new opportunities (powerful mindfulness sessions with clients, sharing Ayurveda, writing a kids' yoga book, ...) that I would never have dreamed of doing. And I've taken trainings (Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide, CTI Coaching) that have shifted my world and given me new lifelong friendships.

I feel more connected to my body and my place in this universe than I ever have, and I'm excited to continue this journey. I'm still figuring things out, yet I am confident that I'm headed in the right direction...even if I can't see what's ahead. I just need to take it one mindful step at a time.


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