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Finding Balance. (7/17/22)

Ahhh, rainy Sundays. There is something so calming and comforting about them. I took a break to sit on the porch and take it in a little while ago... the cooler air, the staccato rhythm of the rain drops on the hasta leaves, the muted colors of the sky and the gorgeous ranges of green that emerge.

I thought of how the rain ties in with Ayurveda and how it helps us find balance. Cool wet rains balance out the dry hot qualities of summer. Rainy days also help us (force us?) to slow down and rest, which balances our involvement in lots of summer activity.

In Ayurveda, Kapha is the dosha (or constitution) associated with water. Kapha people tend to be more relaxed, steady, calm, and likely to enjoy activities of gathering, community, and sharing. In our coaching training this weekend, it was mentioned more than once about my calming presence. I hear this often in reference to my yoga or meditation classes, but it still takes me a moment to absorb it.

While my primary dosha is Kapha (strong, affectionate), my mental dosha is definitely dominated by Vata (anxious, easily distracted). So I am so thankful that when I share what I love, my Vata side is naturally balanced. And this is because the practices of yoga and meditation balance me by grounding and calming me through directing my attention into my body and getting me out of my head. That calm energy then radiates outward.

Balance was also the theme of our coaching training this weekend - finding new perspectives when we're feeling stuck. I love this work and the fact that we get to be coached as we go through the training is a huge bonus. It's amazing what can arise from having someone listen deeply and ask some powerful questions.

I invite you to notice where you crave balance this week. Are you feeling sluggish and need a brisk walk, or maybe you are burnt out and need to sit in nature. Maybe it's something bigger than that, which will take some work. If you would like help in figuring out how to find balance in any area, please reach out. I love practicing coaching and would be honored to guide you through a 30-minute session (no charge) to help you discover more balance. Let's help each other. :)


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