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Drinking Moon Water

There is a beautifully bright and full moon in the sky as I write this. Last month my mom asked me if I had ever heard of "moon water". I had not.

She had just read an article and thought it would be something I would be interested in (yep). So we followed the simple directions to make moon water by leaving a glass jar of water outside overnight to soak up the energy of the full moon.

I took a moment before setting mine down on my back porch to look up at the moon and softly speak an intention for the ritual. I chose an intention around a specific energy I have been working to cultivate.

The next morning, I walked out into the dewey morning grass to gather my glass of moon-infused water. I took a moment in the chilly morning air to thank the moon that still hung in the sky, whispered my intention once again, and enjoyed the refreshing water first thing. There was something sweetly connecting about the simple ritual. And I (fully) intend to do it again.

While outdoors with friends this evening, I commented on the full beautiful moon and someone mentioned that they make moon water as well. They also said that different moons can infuse different types of intentions (letting go versus amplifying energy). I encourage you to research this if you're interested - I know I will be.

No matter the outcome, if you make moon water, you will spend more time outdoors, pay more attention to the phases of the moon, and become a little more hydrated. It all sounds like a win to me.

I invite you to take a few moments to with the next full moon (that will be Tuesday, Nov. 8th as I write this). You can gaze out of a window, but if you can, step outside and plant your feet on the ground. Feel the earth. Take a deep breath in and a bigger exhale to sigh out any tension you've been carrying. While grounded through your feet, make a connection with the moon - whatever that is for you. Notice the contours, the shadows, the brightness, ... you can even close your eyes and let the light pour over you.

Notice how you feel trying to connect to the energy of the moon. Also, feel into the idea that the moon offers different energy in its different phases. Notice what comes up for you. Smile and know that generations upon generations have gazed upon this moon for its wisdom and energy. Feel this greater connection as well.

May you be fully present and connected for the next full moon.


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