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Clearing Out Space

The boys and I have spent a lot of time outside this week. Not only to walk and and be surrounded by the brilliant colors and smells of fall, but also to clear out the landscaping.

While nature cleans up naturally, reusing what it has produced and breaking it back down again to become nourishment for what's to come, we tidy our yards. We remove leaves from lawns and cut plants back for the winter.

There is a mental clearing that I've felt in cleaning up during this season as well. I hold a deep gratitude for what was, an acceptance of allowing the cycle to carry forward as it needs to, and a hopefulness in the clearing out to make room for what's to come.

The spaciousness that the clearing creates becomes an emptiness full of possibilities.

Meditation offers the same idea of emptiness and possibility. When we clear the clutter of thoughts (ex: focusing on slow deep breathing), we make room to simply notice what is. When we simply notice what is without judgment, we become less reactive. When we become less reactive, a whole world of possibility opens up.

I invite you to settle into a quiet and comfy space to simply breathe. Try to deepen your breath so that it feels full and satisfying for several rounds. Notice when you find yourself thinking of something other than your breath. What are the thoughts that stealthily creep in to your mind?

Notice that you can notice them. You are not your thoughts, but rather you are simply noticing your thoughts. Kind of freeing, right? If you are not your thoughts, then you do not have to act on them. Meditation provides a place to start putting a little more space between your thoughts and your reactions. This can become useful in so many ways.

Wishing you spaciousness.


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