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You already have the answers.
Let's work together to uncover them.

Personal coaching is way to tap into the answers that you already have within. 


Are you at a crossroads?  Are you feeling stuck?

Do you need help navigating a challenge, or finding a new perspective?

As your coach, I will listen and support you to help find your own answers.

Through deep listening, curious inquiry, and accountability, we will explore what is coming up for you.

Coaching can address:

  • Future Vision and Goals - and what it takes to get there

  • Current Obstacles and Challenges - and new perspectives to address them

Coaching is not therapy.  We will explore what is here for you now and how to best move forward.  I will keep you as accountable as you need along the way.


What clients have said ...

Working with Heather to create my personal statement was not only empowering, it was fun! Her energy was contagious and her guidance allowed me to truly see the authentic me.


It was nice to have a different perspective or a way I didn’t see things.  The coaching session was really valuable.  Heather asked me what

I wanted to focus on and let me bring

what I wanted to the session.  It was nice to think through things with another person as a sounding board to generate ideas.”


~ RS

It was helpful to have someone weigh in

on the situation from an outside perspective.  

And talking about it stokes the fires more. 

Hearing an outsider reflect my words back was helpful.



Ready to take the next step? ...


Want a little more info first?

Reach out to share what brought you here and/or what you are hoping to gain in working with a personal coach.

  • 150$
    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
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