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Feel deeper calm and grounding through the

wellness practices of coaching, yoga, and mindfulness.

How can I serve you?

People are more mentally and physically stressed than ever.  I teach simple yoga and mindfulness practices that you can easily use throughout your day to experience more peace and relaxation.

I also understand that everyone feels stuck, frustrated, or unsure at times.  I offer deep listening and thought-provoking questions during coaching sessions to help you gain personal insight and live a more connected, confident, and vibrant life that feels true to you.


Wellness is a journey.  And what you need may change. The natural practices that I offer serve as a way to meet you where you are in the moment.  Together we will start on a path that feels right for you to move toward your wellness vision.


As a Co-Active Coach, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, and Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide, I will help you get out of your head and back into your body.  I have used the same wellness tools over several years to empower, heal, and reconnect to my own body through my own struggles.   

Blending wellness practices, which include coaching, yoga, and mindfulness, I work with individuals, groups, and organizations in Indiana and beyond in ways that best fit their needs.

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Wellness Offerings
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Personalized wellness retreats that

can include guided movement, mindfulness, self-reflection,

community building, and more.

Shared feedback ...


Heather's questions were interesting and made me self-reflect.  Hearing myself say out loud the truth about where I’m at was powerful and helped create a deeper understanding.  It was good to have an objective person hear and brainstorm with me.  I appreciated working with someone outside of the experience.

~ CT


Heather’s demeanor is warm and accepting.  I feel welcome to explore my boundaries safely while in her presence.  

~ SF


My meditation session with Heather was very impressive.  Her calm demeanor and soothing guidance allowed me to free my mind of negative thoughts and create a very calm, relaxing, positive experience.

~ MK

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